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UKULELE BARTT: Under The Big Fat Moon

The 2009 New York Ukulele Festival
Bartt showing his stuff, with Jon right behind him. Tony's back there on drums! Watch Video
Bartt and Bill Tapia jamming at the Gershwin Hotel. See Video
Bartt has his eye on you!
Bartt and Mrs. UB at the Empire State Building
Bartt and Mihana hamming it up backstage, with UB6 drummer Tony DiGiovanni and Hawaiian Event Guru Michi Moore joining the friviolity.
Good Morning, Mr. Breakfast!
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Pat Enos living large!
Bartt and Jon hanging with host Ken Murray
Bill Tapia, Bartt and Pat Enos go shopping
Sweet Soubrette, Jon Gold, Bartt and Victoria Vox are quadruplets joined at the elbows
Ken Murray and Mihana riveted ...
The stage, just before the magic begins ...
Bill and Ken stand tall in the uke world!
Bill and Pat strike a pose
Shacking Up: Bill and Mihana onstage with Bartt and Jon. Watch "Little Grass Shack" video
Bill showing off his Jimi Hendrix moves!
Mihana as seen from the wings.
Bill tries to make off with Bartt's custom Candelas uke, but Jon saves the day!
Moe Dixon makes merry!
Tripping Lily can really harmonize!!
Les Chauds Lapins sing wonderfully in French!
Ken Murray onstage with the Jesse Elder Quartet
Jim and Liz Beloff being romantic, and that's no Fluke!
Sweet Soubrette singing a love dirge
Uncle Zac knows his chords!
Pre-War Ponies are Pettin in the Park
Victoria Vox
Canada's Small World Project were very flashy!
Nalu Noa busts loose!
Bill jams on bass, with Pat on uke
Bill and Bartt, tender moment number 2
Bill and Bartt, tender moment number 1
Bill inspects Bartt's Candelas
Bartt's workshop on the big stage. Get Bartt's free lessons here.
And Bartt on the same stage during the concert
Bill is still trying to snatch Bartt's Candelas uke!
Jon is even happier about his Hofner bass!

Buy one from Mike

Jon grins, Mihana smiles. Geez!
Jon is REALLY happy about his lunch
Bartt lets off a little steam.
The Performers:
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