"Ukulele Bartt's Ultimate Ukulele" Complete DVD lessons

There are lots of ukulele players, but there's only one Ukulele Teacher!

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Video 1: Major Chords (page 5)

The Los Angeles Times calls Ukulele Bartt a "Modern-Day Master."

Video 4: Thumb and Finger Position (page 17)

Bartt was honored as "Teacher of the Year" in the 40,000-teacher Los Angeles Unified School District, America's second-largest district.


Video 8: Seventh Chords (page 26)

He's been awarded a commendation from the mayor of Los Angeles.


Video 9: Sharps and Flats (page 27)


He performs and teaches around the world, and now he's teaching YOU!


Video 10: Inversions (page 28)

* Crystal-clear explanations with lots of close-ups.


Video 11: Moveable Chords and Barres (page 29)


* Detailed demonstrations


Video 14: Blues (page 37)

* Strums, Chords, Left/Right hand techniques, Inversions, Scales, Cliff-jumping, Diagrams, Sing-alongs and plenty more!


Video 15: Finger-Picking (page 40)

Bartt's innovative exercises, lifetime of teaching expertise, and famous sense of humor make this the most educational ukulele experience on Earth. For every level: beginner, internediate or advanced.


Video 16: Scales (page 42)


Pause the video at any time, or skip ahead to your favorite lesson. Easily find any section, or watch the entire 60-minute class.

Ukulele Bartt - your personal ukulele teacher on DVD!


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Ukulele Bartt: Climbing the Garden Walls
Ukulele Bartt: Under The Big Fat Moon

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