Beatle Fans - Click here for Liverpool
Cheltenham Town Hall - Where it all happens!
Yeah, yeah, yeah - I know Abbey Road is in London.
The Grand Finale
Ben really IS big!
Spinal Tap was right - Stonehenge is actually pretty small!
The Team: Ally, Phil, Jude & Tony
The proper way to take a cuppa.
Jamming at the pub!
England takes great care of its Humped Zebras
Way Out - been that way for years ...
If you wanna mash your bangers, come to England!
George Formby at the seaside. Which do you prefer?
Napoleon Bonaparte?
Beautiful London at night. Romantic, ain't it?
Guess why they hold workshops in the pubs!
Dining fine, with fine friends o' mine
The Team gets loose at the pub! Bubble and squeak!
Bartt, Clive Harvey, Phil Collins, Tony Hodder, Fin.
England knows how to BUSK!
Bartt puts the finishing touches on Monet's "Water Lillies."

London Bridge on my head??? You're kidding! That's stonkin'. But Paul Redfern tells me that I'm actually STANDING on London Bridge, and that's TOWER Bridge on my head.You can't fool me like I'm a blinkin' tourist. I knows me Blighty!

Bartt's tribute to Freddie Mercury of Queen

Mrs. Bartt can't wait to take the water at the Royal Crescent Hotel in Bath, England. They even brought me soymilk!

At Abbey Road studios, London!
The whole thing!
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