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The 2011 Ukulele Festival of Great Britain

Bartt +Beethoven = BarttHoven: Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 for Ukulele,with the Re-Entrants and Jake the Shake
Don't mess with us! Bartt, Phil, Ian and James are bad to the bone!
Owen Nied is 13 years old and played the big stage at Cheltenham. Here's his video tour of England. Let's hear it for the next generation!

Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata." Bartt's arrangement transposes from the original piano key of C#m, making it into the more ukulele-friendly key of Dm.

Swan Lake
Turkish March
Malaguena: coming soon!

Bartt gets a close look at Ludwig Von Beethoven's original hand-written score for "Violin Sonata in G-major" He resisted the tempation to make a few modifications.

The Jive Aces
Pub Crawl: Your Mama Don't Dance -- Bartt, James Hill, The Re-Entrants, Paul Moore, Ukulollo and The Team get loose with the juice!