Ukulele Bartt: Climbing the Garden Walls
UKULELE BARTT: Under The Big Fat Moon

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Bartt, James Hill and Jon Gold make nice-nice.
Bartt looking regal. What a studious guy!
Bartt gazes Heavenward, trying to remember that lyric.
Fiery Flamenco Fingers in action!
The Bread and the Filling: Doug Reynolds and Bartt serenade, while Brittni Paiva makes Bunny Ears. Aldrine Guerrero and Michael Powers get their Shaka on; Rich Dann acts as lookout; James Hill and Matt Dahlberg are being tall on purpose; Mike DaSilva keeps his hat on; Dominator dominates.
Bartt's uke goes solo.
Here's Bartt's view from the stage!
Jon Gold puts the "Boing" in Oingo Boingo.
Jon Gold takes his strumming seriously.
Bartt doesn't.
Jon Gold, James Hill, Bartt, Dominator and Matt Dahlberg. Don't mess with us - we're five baaaaad dudes!
Bartt gets ferocious!
Didn't we see this picture already? No, wait ... his fingers are different.

Bartt and Jon want YOU!

Don't ask why. It's a long story.

Doug Reynolds, Jim D'Ville, Jon Gold, James Hill, Bartt, Matt Dahlberg, Mike DaSilva, Dominator, Brittni Paiva, Michael Powers, Aldrine Guerrero, Rich Dann, and somebody's cousin.
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