That's All Right, Mama - Live in Australia


Mozart's Turkish March - Live in Canada


Tico Tico - Live in San Diego


Beethoven's Symphony No. 5/Roll Over Beethoven - Live in England


Flamenco Runaway - Live in Canada


Amor de Loca Juventud


Pluck You


Zombie Love Song




Sexy Rubber Ducky


Electric Berry Beethoven Delight


Ukulele Festival of Great Britain


Stand By Me


Beethoven Medley: Fur Elise, Symphony No. 9, Moonlight Sonata


Beatles: For No One


Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" (with James Hill)


New Zealand - Bartt with the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain and the Nukes


With 101-year-old Bill Tapia in New York



And We All Had a Ball


"Island Chickens" from the CD "Under the Big Fat Moon." BUY IT


Celebrating Elvis Presley's 75th birthday in Hollywood


"Be Mine" in New Zealand with 1,000 Kiwi kids!


"More" from the CD "Climbing the Garden Walls." BUY IT


Beethoven Symphony No. 9, Third Movement, for solo baritone ukulele


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