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UKULELE BARTT: Under The Big Fat Moon

Photos from Friends

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Here's young John Doland in Rarotonga, Cook Islands, jamming on Tahitian Ukulele with Raro Records recording artist Ru.
World Champion Luge athlete Kate Hansen raced to the 2008 Women's Singles Junior Luge World Championship crown, becoming the youngest-ever U.S. Junior Luge World Champion. Another victory for ukulele players!
Annette, Bartt and Alison, not necessarily in that order. Oh, wait. They ARE in that order.
Andres Carrasco and Kent Lindsay of Guitar Romantica, rehearsing with Bartt for their re-make of "The Three Amigos." Wait'll you hear them do "My Little Buttercup!"
Joe the Tomato at a UB Workshop. Ain't it fun, Joe?
Bartt's cat sent this one in. What a musical mammal!
Amie and Jah having eggs and coffee, and wearing the latest fashions.
Tomas Delgado and Bartt with a few Candelas ukes.

It's the Mele Gang with Bartt! Mike, Cheryl, UB and Peter from Mele Ukuleles in Hawaii.

Yo Mamma's a Ho, Ho Ho!
Sammy Bonnano sells Bartt another uke at Larry's music on Kaua'i.
Mike Roy of the Atomic Ukes (far right) sent in this memory featuring Hawaiian Supaman Duke Kahanamoku. Joe Tomato kneels proudly in front of Eric Clapton and Jim Beloff, while Bartt brings up the rear. Who else do you recognize?
Glyn Chan (L) and Simon Mok (R) of Singapore's Ukulele Movement hanging out with Bartt and Bobby Tomei at Island Bazaar, in Huntington Beach.
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More Photos
Bartt with Susan from the Ukulele Society of America uke club in North San Diego
Bartt and guitar hero Albert Lee discuss the benefits of dying unsightly black hair into a lovely shade of silver.
Here's Khairil in his new shop in Malaysia. It's called Ukuele Malaya - check out those happy customers! Click to shop