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The new UB6 album isn't done yet, but here's what the waveforms look like. This song really rocks, eh?
Here's Bartt toiling away in the studio. Mixing makes him mirthful!
Bartt with Tomas Delgado, the master luthier of Candelas Ukuleles.
Here's Bartt jamming out on the beach with Bobby Tomei and Gregg Lum.
Bartt and Bobby Tomei getting serious.
Gregg is feeling particularly gleeful!
Here's Charlie, getting plenty of rest before taking over the Cerritos Ukefest in 2009!
Dominator took some time out from making uke tabs to perform with his band. Go, Dom! Shred!
Bartt getting beachy. Who else would perform at a Hawaiian event and play "Gumby" on a uke?
Here's Bartt presenting a workshop at the 2008 Cerritos Ukefest. He must be saying something really important, eh? Probably giving directions to the restroom.
Bartt singing another mushy romantic love song. What else is new?
Well, if it ain't the two most handsomest guys at the Ukefest! Gerry Long and Bartt cooking up plans for the 2009 Interstellar Ukefest, next year aboard the International Space Station. Get your tickets early.
STEVEN: Hey, who took a bite outta my bass?
TONY: I dunno, Dale. Last time there were eight of us.
BARTT: Hey, Steven, stay away from those burritos. You're making my hair blow!
DALE: So if we're a Sextet, how come there are only four of us?
Uncle Henry Kamae and Susan McCormick having a sweet moment as Susan retires from running the Cerritos Ukefest. Thank you for 8 beautiful years, Susan!
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