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Bartt with the Mona Lisa: Photographing daVinci's masterpiece is forbidden in the Louvre, so somebody snuck this secret photo of Bartt and La Gioconda. That's her, way in the back. Who needs an ukulele when you've got Leonardo!
Madonna (no, the other one) of the Rocks: You can't photograph Mona Lisa, but down the hall you CAN photograph da Vinci's other beauties.
Picasso painted this portrait of Bartt back in the day. Holding that pose was a mother.
Bartt has a hunch that the Notre Dame Cathedral is around here someplace. Not to jeer at Quasimodo, but to pay homage to him.
Shoppe till you droppe

Alfred Jacquemart's Rhinoceros is Bartt's pick at the Musee d'Orsay in Paris.

The obligitory Eiffel Tower photo. But ain't it romantic?
Bartt demonstrates Victor Hugo's method of clearing Writer's Block.
Sanctuary. No wonder Quasimodo sought it here.
Ever have the feeling that the Eiffel Tower is about to fall on you?
France really WAS welcoming.
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