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Roman Colisseum: Bartt strikes a pose in protest of the ancient carnage.
500 years ago, Michelangelo got down. Nowadays, all you hear in this chapel is "No Photos!" Given Michelangelo's ego, he would have loved us to sneak a few pix.
Michelangelo's David, in Florence, Italy, is housed in the Galleria dell'Accademia. After seeing it, Bartt's ukulele fell silent in awe.
The Colisseum, where the Rams played football in the 1970s.
Michelangelo's famous interpretation of the creation of mankind, highlighted in red. Bartt snuck this photo from under his Hawaiian shirt.

Willie Nelson's heroes have always been cowboys, but Bartt's have always been writers. Here's Bartt with Dante Alighieri in Rome.

Bartt wanted to jam ukes with Michelangelo, but he wasn't home. Here's Bartt at Casa Buonarroti, the studio of Michelangelo.
Bartt gets hot at the ruins of the Roman Senate, on the very spot where Julius Caesar ate his last salad.
The Vatican ceiling looks a lot like Bartt's house.
Bartt may be a ham, but this pig is outta control!
Michelangelo sculpted the Pieta when he was 22 years old. When Bartt was 22, he sculpted a hula dancer out of leftover poi.
Venice, Italy : where they use ukuleles to paddle the gondolas.
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