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Texas and the Southwestern United States

Two of the best things in Texas: The Stevie Ray Vaughan statue and the Austin Motel.
The Big and Small of it: Bartt with Aleksander Kuznetzov of Austin's Flying Balalaika Brothers. Check them out HERE.
Bartt's a real bear if you wake him too early in the morning. This Colorado Grizzly found out the hard way.
Utah's Virgin River is where Bartt's ukulele nearly got carried off by a trout.
If you see Bartt in Texas, DO NOT mess with his pecan pie.
Down in the West Texas town of El Paso, Bartt fell in love with a Mexican ... uh ... make that DUTCH ... girl.
Bartt and Lyle Lovett out riding in West Texas. Hey, Lyle! Wait for me!
Four Corners: Bartt played a gig there, and got paid by Utah, Colorado, Arizona AND New Mexico! They each chipped in a quarter. Get it? A QUARTER?
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