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Wine Country Ukefest - Napa Valley, CA

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Reynolds, the geniuses behind the upcoming Tahoe Ukulele Festival. Look for Bartt, James Hill and Jake Shimabukuro together in March, 2010!

Bartt, Kalei Gamiao, Brittni Paiva, Moe Dixon and Freebo
Dominator, Victoria Vox, James Hill and Andy Andrews are amazed that Bartt is playing naked under that fancy silver coat.
Ralph Shaw and Victoria Vox down in front, while Bartt, Dominator, James, Andy and the rest stand tall behind.
Aldrine Guerrero lurking Underground
Ralph Shaw discovers he's in George Formby's will!
Can't tell the players without a scorecard!
Ralph Shaw, James Hill and Victoria Vox, as seen from the point of view of Bartt's feet.
Andy Andrews with the two people he loves most: his wife and Bartt.
Freebo goes bananas on bass, while Moe just smiles and oozes that Dixon charm.
Mr. and Mrs. Ukulele Bartt finally break down and buy that castle
Aldrine, Bartt and Ryan trade licks
Bartt and Andy invade the sanctity of the Judd's Hill Winery house band, the Maikai Gents.
Workshop Heaven: Bartt's workshop had another overflow crowd. Was it the gorgeous garden location, or the presence of Moe Dixon and Freebo helping out? Look closely and you'll see Ralph Shaw's big toe sticking out, too.
Bartt, James Hill, Andy Andrews and Dominator work out the chords to "Krinkle Boud Der Struoobeurre," the traditional Bloatavian dirge sung in one-part harmony.
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